About me

I am an English and Croatian language teacher. I work with high schools students age 14-18 in the secondary school Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana.
After I've finished my first EVO or Baw2011 as I described in my first Post on this blog I have started using more web technologies in my classroom. That online course opened my eyes and in a way I "caught" a disease called "Internet dependent". Since then I have worked on several projects with my students, started a penpal wiki and Skype interview project with a colleague from Uruguay and her students. Croatian artical on the project is available here.
I also had a webinar for Croatian school leaving students at www.mojamatura.net , attended  many online conferences and met so many great people that are now my PLN. I have really worked a lot and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I am also a full-time mum and a happily married wife, so it's sometimes difficult to juggle work, family and online personal learning but I manage somehow with the support of my hubby. I am learning a lot every day by doing "small steps".

To contact me: Twitter: @mscro1