March 9, 2011

Exploring with Google Sites

Hello everybody!

I would like to say something about Google Applications, especially Google Sites.

We have all heard of Google and are probably aware of some Applications it offers at least Gmail. But, after attending a wonderful presentation by Rita Zeinstejer on this years Baw2011 which really opened my eyes, I became aware of so many possibilites that Google has.

So after having a Gmail account, started using Google Documents and opened a Blog I have decided to make a webpage, using Google Sites. It is still work in progress, I am learning day by day.

Google has its own step by step help and it offers already Created Templates  and Tips to go around your newly created site.

Please check my new site, it's still in progress -
I have already made some changes, added some useful links for my students and some personal informations.
I have chosen a Classroom template so, now I just have to explore and learn. I find it similar to wiki, you can upload materials and documents easily.