August 15, 2011

My student's Glogsters

Glogster - google search image
One of my students decided to make a glogster after I posted the The Black Eyed Peas Contest /Glogster in our Facebook group. She immediatly singed up, and created a Glogster not closely related to Black Eyed Peas, but more to music she is fond of. I love her creativity and her love for technolgy.
Here is her first glog Babies who love metal music - so cute!

Ogulin - part of the glog!
I am so happy she did this. I still can't find the time to make a glogster account. But,I will have to learn now since my student found it interesting and asked me to give her more tasks/projects she can do to explore the Glogster.  So, I asked her to create another Glog about our Croatian hometown Ogulin, mostly for our Uruguayan penpals, which we will later share on a very famous wiki Greetings from the world  created by my friend and collegue Arjana Blažić. 

Then, few days later I got the message that she is bored and would like to make another Glog but lacks the ideas. Since she loves music so much and our Uruguayan penpals too, I suggested her to make a Glog about famous Croatian bands that she likes to listen to. She was thrilled with the idea and this is what she created. BTW, she likes Rockpunkmetal bands. 

I am so happy that my students ask me to give them more work not less and I wonder if that is because I've started to use more technology in the class!? Now, we have more fun and they are all more engaged, and I must say we have just started using web 2.0 tools.

Before I wrote this post I got my student's permission to share her Glogs on my blog. She was happy about it. Now, I just have to get her to start writing blogs even though she says she doesn't have the time. She made all these glogs while on holidays, I hope she will make more when we start school and others too.

Well done!!!

Here is one more glog created by Antonia. Halloween!


  1. It's so great when students find something interesting and takes control of their own learning! What an inspirational moment for you. =)

  2. Hi Tyson, yes you are so right, it is an insparational moment for me. I think my Ss like that I have introduced more technology in our class, even though most of that techy stuff is new to me too, but I am sure we will do great stuff especially when we come back from our holidays!
    I am so excited! Thank you for you comments and RT!

  3. Dear Marijana and "Glogster champion student" (aka BloodyWine),
    Congratulations to both! Marijana, you ignited a fire that will bring about many great projects. I'm very proud that it all started with BaW11. :-)
    BloodyWine (I would love to know your real name!), you're very creative and produced four fabulous glogs. I especially loved the one with the babies - adorable! - and to take a tour of Ogulin. The YouTube video, Ogulinac, gave me a great overview of your beautiful hometown. The background music took me back to my late teens, because the singer reminded me of the Greek, Demis Roussos, and some of the instrumental part also had similarities. You can imagine that I'm not young in age, but... I'm "young at heart". :-)
    BTW, Marijana, blending technology in class generates great motivation and engagement. That's my experience. If your students are like my YLs were, they'll keep asking for more all the time. :-)
    Keep up the great work!
    Sorry for the long post. My enthusiasm took hold of me.
    Hugs both, Teresa (in the Lisbon area, Portugal)

  4. Hi Teresa, thank you, thank you, thank you for your long comment, I love long comments.
    My student is really something, I hope she will create many more and that others will follow her, We will for sure be in conatact with you, you are my role-model! :)) and BTW can't wait for BAW12.
    Hugs from Croatia!

  5. Hi Marijana,

    Glogster is my favourite tool! My students love them . I've created glogsters for grammar, vocabulary, treasure may be interested in taking a look at this collection
    :) Smiles from Italy

  6. Hi Daniela, thank you for your comment. I will definitly check out your link. I myself am new to creating glogs, but will have to learn it.I am still a newbie in web tools, even though I have been expoloring them recently by doing small steps. My student on the other hand, is very creative and this is what I love about her, them!