March 23, 2012

IATEFL Conference! Where,how, who?

Following online!

Today is the last day of the IATEFL Conference which started on 19th March in Scotland, Glasgow. The IATEFL team is really doing an excellent job this year making it easy for all of us who are not there to at least be present online and to try and follow some Live sessions and livestreamed interviews with the presenters and wonderful ELT members. All the interviews are recorded and can be found here.
It's great to see ELT members having a talk about their work or presentations. There are some really inspiring interviews. The first one that really made an impact on me was the interview with Chia Suan. The name was very familiar from the ELT world. I know I have seen the name on Twitter or Facebook, have heard the PLN mentioning her, so I finally got the opportunity to see her on the IATEFL Live Stream Channell. She is so interesting, amusing and to the point.
 I am glad to be able to share her interview with you.  

She has done a talk at BESIG PCE about the topic of Politeness and Pragmatics.  So, check it out  and also don't miss her blog where you can find another of her interviews talking about the same topic.
I mustn't forget to mention that after her short IATEFL interview I visited Chiew's IASKU site. He did a short interview with Chia about how she became a teacher. What I realised from that interview is that teachers can be anything in the class. We are actors, dramatist, bosses and sometimes even friends. I can finally tell my students who told me so many times that I should have become an actress and not a teacher; well I can do both now at the same time :)))

Due to illness I wasn't able to write more posts before but will make it up, so stay tuned because more stories about IATEFL and the Power of Twitter coming soon.