My Duolingo Learning Diary

Language Learning - is it a big problem?

As a language teacher I like to learn new languages and I always dreamt of being a poliglot, knowing at least 6 foreign languages but that never happened. There are several reasons for that, like:
  • time
  • money
  • other obligations (like taking care of family)
  • housework and sometimes even loosing faith into succeeding...
So, I could go on and on and get few more realistic reasons for my foreign language learning problems, but you get the idea. I have heard of many applications where you can learn languages for free such as Babble, Duolingo and other, and I have even tried out Duolingo on my computer.  It was successful for a week, but after that carrying my laptop was not always convinient, so now when an Android app is available and I have got my first tablet and a smart phone some of my problems are solved. In order to keep going and to finally accomplish one of my goals for the first in my summer break history I decided to keep a Learning Diary. Who knows maybe it will help and I will be motivated to continue.

To be continued....

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