These are the links to interesting blogs, sites, wikis and other pages I follow. You will find mostly pages for English learning but also for Art, Travelling and so on.

Jolandine rukotvorine

Tutekistan  - reflections about life, and everything! Great

Zondra Art

K-blog udruge Katapult 

Nik's Learning Technology blog

Nik's Daily English Activity

Becoming a Webhead 2011

My Reflective Teaching blog
Svetlana's ICT


Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals

Mantras of a Mad Man

English is Fun

TOEIC sites for English skills

Randall's ESL Listening Lab

A Teacher's Odyssey- on writing essays

Writefix essays

Englisch Hilfen  - Learning English online

moja matura - Free online preparations for Croatian high school leaving students but,
                      has a lot of exercise for English language