November 13, 2011

My top tools for learning in 2011

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I hope I am not too late to submit my top 10 tools for this year. I became an avid user of Internet and web tools almost a year ago.  I read a post at aCliltoClimb written by a great PLN and a friend on how"Jane Hart, is taking votes for their annual Top 100 Tools for Learning", so I became encouraged to write my own 10 tools.
I have chosen those I have been using almost every day for the past year, and I must say some are same or similar to the ones Cheiw Pang mentioned.
My top 10+ - no particular order
 1. Google - have it as my homepage, use it every day, I remeber I was still at University when it was presented as a new search engine. Wow, long time ago! Am getting old!
2. Google Translator - use it now and then, have some good laughs sometimes, but in general when I can't think of the right word in my head, it helps a lot.
3. Blogger - Oh, yes I have used it for the past year, maybe not often as I should have. I still don't have time to write more. I hope to be more encouraged as I write in English which is not my mother tongue.
4.Facebook- well this is a social network I have been a member since 2008. There have recently been so many changes . Some don't prefer it any more, some are still too addicted to it. I know that I haven't been to aware of its posibilities until I found out about some great FB teacher groups, and great webpages. I don't use it any more just for fun and family, but also for education.I also have a FB secret group with some of my students.
5. Twitter - WOW! I became a real fan of it during RSCON3. It's like a big "global staff room" as my friend Arjana Blazic would say.
6. Youtube - I love it so much. My sons have become aware of it's possibilities so when they search for some game tutorials they first visit Youtube. I found a lot of great video materials there, that I can use in class, or sometimes I just watch movie trailers as being a big movielover.
7. Skype - use it everyday, in class too, had my first class project by using Skype. Will continue using it for the same reason. I love when my students have a posibility of interviewing other English teachers  world wide.
8.  Almost forgot Gmail - but mentioned so many Google tools. This is so far my favourite email,even though I must say I am getting use to Yahoo mail as well.
9. Photopeach - love this slideshow tool. I was introduced to it at BAW11, and it's so easy to use, I have already created 3 videos. A lot for me.
10. Linoit - my PLN use it a lot on Twitter, so I gave it a try and I loved it. Easy and simple, I have introduced it to my students, and one has created a Halloween lino we used later in class.
10+ Wordle(Tagxedo) love them both, as I like to create word clouds. I use it a lot in class for motivation, grammar practice,everything...

This was written in a hurry, so don't mind any grammar or spelling mistakes.

There are still so many new tools I am getting used to, hope I can share them next year.



  1. FB can be good, but as you said, they just make too many changes. Once you get used to something, they change it again.

  2. Hello Sharon, thank you so much for your comment.