August 3, 2011

The funny side of the world of #RSCON3

"Seek and you'll find, be persistent and you will succeed" - saying I heard by my closest ones

These are the words I try to repeat myself now and then since I started bloging and using web 2.0 technologies few months ago. I 'm not saying I haven't been Internet aware, but I was blind by the posibbilities it was  offering. Thanks to Webheads and Bawers I discovered the world of PLN, but wasn't really aware of it until I started using my Twitter profile more often and entered the world of #RSCON3. 

I found out about the conference on Webhead Evo Yahoo group posted by Vance Stevens, but wasn't sure if I would attend it. And then, I "bumped into" my friend Marcia Lima on Skype. She asked me if I was coming since she was also having a presentation, and I thought  "why not".

The three days of the conference were the most active days of my "newbie's personal digital learning life"! I really don't know what kind of a sentance have I just written, but I know that at first I tried to catch up with my collegues from all around the world who were obviously more familiar with so many things we'd heard about technologies, and websites, and tools than I was.  And, of course since not being a native speaker I really learned some new vocabulary.

I was thrilled to be there and had bookmarked so many webpages that my laptop "went crazy". It ended up broken by the last day of the conference and I had to "kidnap" my son's computer to be able to attend the #RSCON3  like I was addicted to it and to "tweeting" too. I don't know how many tweets or reetweets have I posted in 3 days, but I know that I only had about 40 tweets before #RSCON3 and 3 days later the number was 140. So, the conclusion was a "Twiter addict" also.

Maybe you will find this to be very funny and it is but, I am glad to have been a part of it, I am glad to have shared several feedbacks, I am glad I have been moving my laptop (until it had given up on me) "from kitchen to living room, from living room to bedroom", because you must be aware that the conference and presentations were happening every half and hour, with only few hours of a rest for a new day to begin.  It was a real marathon, and I know my husband and my sons thought "mum has gone crazy".  
Wordle: RSCON3

I don't even know how many presentations I have attended, but for now I remember my three favourite: Marcia Lima's presentation"Unplugged"- fun activities for ESL studenets,  Dave Dodgson's  "Written feedback and error correction in the language classroom" and Bruno Andrade's  "Use of Skype in the class with native speakers".
 I personally loved all of them since I have a lot in common with the teachers/presenters. First of all, I love fun  in the class, secondly I have just recently started using Skype in the class and finally, I always try to do more to help my students in their writing.

These were just first impressions. I can't wait to hear the recordings of other great presentations that I coudn't attend.

Well done and a bear hug to all of the organizers, moderators, presenters, participants and great collegues I have met. It's a pleasure to learn from you and to share the knowledge and experience with you.

#RSCON3 was a real inspiration!

You can find the Elluminate recordings on RSCON3 presentations here


  1. Hi Marijana,

    I experienced the exact same thing as you last year during the first RSCON. I found it by chance and then enjoyed a full weekend of invaluable professional development.

    It was great this year to have the chance to contribute by moderating a few sessions and presenting one as well. I'm glad you found my session so relevant useful.

    Perhaps you'll be presenting next time!

  2. Thanks for a comment Dave, you are the first.

    Yes, I've really enjoyed your presentation, gave me great ideas and was very nervous while giving the feedback, hope nobody noticed, hahaha.
    There were really many excellent sessions and some were happening at the same time, so it' was difficult to decide which to attend. But, hopefully there are recordings that I will listen carefully!

    About giving a presentatioon who knows, stil learning here. It is a great plaesure meeting you and will follow your blog regularly.

  3. Marijana, my dear friend!!! I'm sooo glad to have met you and talked you into joining #rscon3. You ended up attending more sessions than I did! LOL But I'll certainly catch up when the recordings are available. I can't thank you enough for your support and generosity in listing my session among your favourite. I'm thrilled!!!

  4. My dear Marcia, thank you for your comment. I had to mention you, because it was fun being a part of your presentation - that is what is all about,
    "to have fun in the classroom but at the same time teach English." We'll catch up soon on Skype!

  5. Hi, Marijana!
    I relate 100% to your frenzy over the weekend. TThe first conference I attended online gave me the same impression of running from one room/place to another as used to happen in RL several years ago.
    I was sorry I wasn't able to attend this conference but, given your enthusiasm in this post about the sessions, I will certainly listen to a few. Please keep us posted in BaW11 about their availability.
    Hugs, Teresa

  6. Dear Teresa, thank you for your comment. I didn't know what exactly to write, since I had so many impressions and still do, but somehow I wanted to grasp that "frenzy" as you call it.

    I will keep you posted on available recordings for sure, you can count on it! :)

  7. Hi Marijana!
    I have to say that I felt like you did, it was an amazing experience and David Dodgson's presentation was one of my favourite too.

  8. Hi Roberta, thank you so much for your comment. yes, I know how writing gives our students headaches, but speaking too. I have visited your blog, hope to find more intersting things soon! :)

  9. A great story you've told!

  10. Thank you David for you comment, it means a lot to me, since I am new in this filed of blogging. I have bookmared you wonderful page, and can't wait to listen to your recording on RSCON3,since I couldn't attend it in person!

  11. I enjoyed reading your post; very real, simple and true words.
    Welcome to the world of virtual conferences, which I surely miss!

  12. Hi Hala, thank you for your comment. I see you are obviously longer in the blogging world. It's great to have experienced bloggers making comments. I hope to be even more active not just on online conferences but also writing blog posts and using web 2.0 tool.
    Nice meeting you!

  13. Thank you all for your comments

  14. Wow, Marijana! Now I definitely want to attend! I hope to see you there this year!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment,I am glad you were so excited after reading my post that you even left two same comments, which means the RSCON world is expecting you! I am glad you will attend it. Yes, I will be there, both as presenter this time and a moderator. So can't wait to share some feedback with you soon! Thank you one more time!

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