August 20, 2016

Moodle MOOT Online Conference 5- 7 August 2016

Even though many educators tend to enjoy their holidays and have a free time from school and lectures, there are still those who apart from taking time off and enjoying their vacation still like to work on their personal development. I am no exception!

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This year I participated in a 3 day free online conference MMVC16 organized by Nellie Deutsch. It was not my first time, but I never took the time to reflect upon the many webinars I watched LIVE or took the pleasure in listening the recordings.

I joined the Moodle  MMVC16 platform and had the pleasure of participating in several LIVE webinars held by many of my dear colleagues, but I also had the time to watch few recordings.

I mainly chose the webinars that were of my interest at this point in my teaching career and these webinars will have quite an influence in my teaching practice.

The list of the webinars and my reflections are avaliable in the presentation below.

LINK to Google Slides

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