April 30, 2011

Comic - blog

Hello, everybody! Long time not see!
I have just recently come across this fantastic blog called Dustinland. It's actually a comic blog by Dustin Glick.
He has recently visited Croatia- my homeland and  written-drawn an interestig, funny and I would say great comic about my country. You can read it here in full length Dustinland on Croatian vacation. This gave me some ideas for the lessons. We can ask our students to do comics in classes on so many topics. They can be divided in groups of 4-5. There are always at least 2 or 3 students in the class to be good sketchers, but if not it doesn't matter, it's just a comic and you make it as best as you can. I know my son who is only 7 years old  likes to draw pictures as comics. Regarding the students - what matters to us is that they practice language in a funny and interesting way for them. Maybe some of you have already come to this idea, if you have, please share!

I will try this in the near future as soon as we get back from our spring break and that is soon, on Monday ah!

So far, I can say, thanks Dustin for inspiring me and for praising my country.  Hope you will come back soon.
I know we would be more than glad to have you.

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