April 12, 2012

Zondle games

My son loves Zondle. He saw his mummy attending an online webinar about creating Zondle games and posibility of creating interesting quizzes.
I am still trying to figure this tool out, but if my 6 year old likes it, it must be good.

I will write more about it later, so far here is the simple vocabulary quiz I created so he can play with eggs and chickens.

zondle - games to support learning


  1. Greetings from a zondle newbie, MsBozinovic :)

    Looking forward to sharing some games (as soon as I start creating, I've just registered but it looks really nice and easy to use),


  2. Hi Sanja, that's great. I am still a newbie. I don't think I have spent more than 20 mins in total on the site, but yes I agree it's fun and easy to use. We just need to find the time to explore it more .))