February 13, 2011

Adding some gadgets to my blog!

It' really fun to explore and learn, even though it takes you an amount of time.

As you have noticed I have added some new gadgets to my recently created blog,
such as Time(clock), Blogs I am followingFlag counters,
Feedjet - which lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website and, even Google translator especially, for those who would be more comfortable reading my blogs in another language even though, it isn't the best translation in the world.

I've added these gadgets by using HTML link - you go to Design, click on Add a Gadget ,choose H TML link, copy the html link to embed the gadgets.
When I got the hang of it (after some time :)))) , it only took me about 15 minutes to add them onto my blog, which in my opinion, now looks more like a true Blog. 

O my God,now let me just count how many times have I written the word gadgets,or add or have!!!!
A lots of repetition here,hope you don't mind. I will use this post as a reminder myself.

Still a newbie here trying to improve every day!


  1. Great progress Marijana ! Absolutely , these gadget have made your blog look thorough and appealing .They are smart widgets indeed :-) The evidence is that you have so many followers and more to come .

  2. Thanks you so much Mbarek! It's a hard but interesting work!

  3. http://iamclyde.blogspot.com/2011/06/accepting-criticism.html

  4. Thank you Clyde for posting a link on my blog, I have read your excellent article on criticism, I also think you have to know how to deal with it, try to appreciate critics and see what you can learn from them.I will always have that in mind!