May 23, 2012

Google search

Every day google changes the picture on its google search button. Today they put a synthesizer in the honour of Robert Mooge. Since there is also an option to record your own music and sharethe  link on your website, I took the liberty to do so. My sons were trying to create their own interesting sounds.

Screenshot of google search from 23 May 2012

Here is the link to my younger son's recording:

This is the link to my older son's recording:

Should my hubby and I think of buying them synthesizers?

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  1. It sounds like the boys were having a lot of fun! The beginning of June is the right time to visit the nearest music school. In June they usually plan classes for the next school year and you and the boys can go and meet the teachers and decide together about the instrument. That's how my younger son started playing the clarinet :)