July 5, 2013

The majestic webinar: Online testing and Google Apps

 Since I've entered the World of ICT after finishing TESOL EVO BAW2011 course I am a regular guest at many different webinars hold online by many great teachers and organizations. Last night I participated at a webinar organized by Croatian National Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes and eTwinning (AMPEU). It was a specific webinar, only for Croatian teachers, especially those who are using eTwinning as a EU school collaboration platform for project working. The webinar was moderated by Dunja Babić, Croatian representative for eTwinning. She had an excellent role of presenting two wonderful CRO teachers Arjana Blažić and Sonja Lušić Radošević - the presenters.
Photo: Arjana o web alatima za online testiranje #etwinning #AMPEU - puno ih je i svi su zanimljivi! Agencija Za Mobilnost
Screenshot nb.1 taken by me: Arjana's bundle of online testing tools!
The webinar was titled "Online testiranje i Google Alati" (Online Testing and Google Apps) and it was very clear and simple, while the two collegues even better. Arjana was talking about Online testing websites she uses like Quizlet, Kubbu, ProProofs, Puzzlemaker... and how she uses them with her students, But, she also mentioned some disadvantages of the sites, even though they can be ignored, like commercials that can be found on some of the online testing websites. I had listened to Arjana twice before and even moderated her webinars for TESOL EVO BAW2012 and TESOL EVO BAW2013 on the same topic as she was our guest speaker. She was fantastic then, but last night I really can say I enjoyed her performance, probably because I was now in the role of a spectator, not a moderator :) What I want to say is that if you were a beginner it was all so very clear and for us who are in the online testing world for some time now, you could have still learned a lot, at least get an idea and open some new account as I have on Rubistar which was
mentioned among other websites.

Photo: A sada Sonja o Google Apps, toooo :) volim Gooogle apps #etwinning webinar with Agencija Za Mobilnost
Screenshot nb. 2 taken by me: Sonja about to start her ppt on Google Tools :)
Sonja on the other hand, as an IT teacher is very systematic, like she is reading my mind. I love her GoogleApps presentation, because she answered some tricky questions for me like installation of GoogleDrive. Thank you Sonja, as always, You rock! It's so nice to have collegues like this in our country and if I may say friends. Wonderful!

The recording of the webinar and the links of all presented tools and websites is available on the official NA website, here.

It was useful, concise and clear and I look forward to few more in the near future, who knows maybe I will be the one to present!? :))


  1. Dear Marijana,
    thank you thank you thank you for your kind words and for writing about our presentations - I can't thank you enough! Especially because all this comes from you - a fabulous moderator and presenter as well!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it yesterday - even though it was the third time you listened to it! and I'm so happy and proud that you were there with us despite your busy schedule!

    Having you as a friend is a blessing for me, my dear friend!

    1. Oh, it was a pleasure! I really enjoyed it and I think it was truely inspiring for many other collegues online, practical and useful. Of course it was my 3rd time, but it was my first in Croatian. Bravo! And above other things, feeling is mutual friend :)