September 20, 2013

Student-Teacher Facebook


It is evident today that social networks have changed the course of our lives and especially, the lives of our students, whether they are 7, 17, 27 or even 77.  Since,  I have been doing lot of project works with my high-school students and having many extra-curricular activities, I decided to communicate with them using email, but not many of them would check it very often or even use it. What they wanted me to do is to contacted them via Facebook or send them message on Facebook. This is something I started thinking about. I didn't want to rush into it as I didn't want to be friends with them, so the only logical thing is to have a Facebook group with them. The use of Facebook with my students is something I have been exploring for 3 years now. It works fine for me even though I was worried about Parental Permissions, Privacy issues and other.

Some interesting things about Student-Teacher Facebook activity you can check in my presentation that I had had for TeachMeet Int'l. I am still exporing the benefits of FB.  Why? I can tell you that there are many reasons, but the best benefit so far is that you can choose to create 3 different groups: OPEN, CLOSED and SECRET. For the purposes of my students group I always choose the last one.

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