March 5, 2014


As usual I don't have much time for writing, but I had to write a short post for #etwinning Learning Event about eTwining and Social Media which is run by two most popular teachers/presenter on eTwinning; Arjana Blažić and Bart Verswijvel (always have problems spelling Bart's surname).
If you are a teacher from Europe, then you should sign up for etwinning and join many other Learning Events that usually last from 7 to 15 days.

This is my third Learning Event and my second run by Arjana and Bart. Teachers from all around Europe, I would say about 140 of us communicate using modern and very popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We also meet in the Learning Event for our daily activities - where we follow and learn the "Magic" Bart and Arjana serve to us!

"ETwinning and Social Media" Learning Event is very popular as we get to explore other interesting tools that are closely connected to Twitter and Facebook but we also learn the pitfalls of this Media and if it is possible to use it with the students.
Face my Manga :)

I must say I have been using Facebook with my students before.( I also had a webinar #RSCON4 about it.)
I know some of the students also have twitter account, but it's always good to know, to explore the Social Media in more depth by doing it in a FUN way just as we are doing it #ETWION. That's why I am so happy to have signed up to this Learning Event as every day there are so many new tools to know about.

Bart and Arjana put me in the #pink group with other collegues in the Learning Event. What do we do and who are we? We need to make #PINKETWION a viral in the google search! Why - well it's interesting to see how the things change quickly on the Internet - so if you are reading this post please tweet it, retweet it and let's see how the Pink group will do opposite to the Browns, the Yellow and the Green :)))

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