July 8, 2014

#RSCON5 - Online Reform Symposium Conference - it's that time of the year!

The photo image says it all (my post on Twitter)

I will be joining almost 100 educators who will try to share their classroom and teaching ideas, the passion of teaching and learning from 11-13 July 2014 for the not more nor less #RSCON5 conference which has now been going for about 4 years.

I remember to have first learnt of  RSCON in 2011. At that time it was RSCON3 and I enjoyed every minute of it. So, I invite you all to join us at this  free education event - clear your schedule, open your mind as there are some fantastic topics for you to know about.

I, myself was invtited by Shelly who is one of the organizers of . RSCON. To know more about the event soon to come, go to Future of Education site - RSCON. Check the schedule, accepted proposals and hope to see you.

I have two topics accepted. I hope I will cope to the expectations.

First topic is on Saturday 12 July (7pm Zagreb time)- Developing and online project- pros and cons

Created by Marcia Lima

Second topic is on Sunday 13 July (8pm Zagreb time) - Comenius Multilatera school partnership project "Enterprising, healthy and creative"

Created by Marcia Lima

But, what I am even more proud of is that one of the presenters will be a young boy on a topic of Minecraft in Education.  His insight into this great game that even educators are talking about. I will not tell more details, but this :

"I am ready to inspire, are you ready to be inspired!?"

Please join us!

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