July 17, 2014

What a fantastic #EDU weekend with #RSCON5

It would be hard to summarize a three day free online event known as Reform Symposium Conference #RSCON5 with just one post, but I am sure this message is the one we can ALL agree with  Be inspired to inspire!

A screenshot from Hayfa Majdoub presentation "ICT in the EFL Classroom"

If you ask me why, the answer is simple. This conference was the first one I encountered after becoming a Webhead and stepped in the online world of ELT. It was the one to INSPIRE me even more! Let me put it this way; the organizers, the presenters, the wonderful participants and educators from all the parts of the world were the one who showed me that the best way to learn is to share your ideas, to motivate and to inspire, whether with just one slide or a word, a small project or a lesson idea, you will for sure find the way to those who are willing to try! Maybe they will follow your examples, maybe they will get an idea and try to do similar things, but you will for sure meet some new friends, new colleagues and bond friendships that could last for years. 

My first conference was #RSCON3 in 2011. I was just an active participant who carried her laptop around the house. You can check that old blog post here. But I don't know what happened and in 2014 for #RSCON5 I somehow ended up on the other side, helping presenters, moderating and working with wonderful team of online colleagues/ladies - my #PLN.

Heike Philip(GER), Shelly Sanchez Terrell(USA), Peggy George(USA), Marcia Lima(BRAZ) and me (CRO)

The annual Reform Symposium Free Online Conference (RSCON) took place July 11-13th with an Author Spotlight Pre-Conference Event on July 10th. The online global event featured 50+ presentations, 11 keynote speakers3 panel discussions, a tech/app swapalooza, and plenary, Dean Shareski(Taken from Reform Symposium website - Future of Education - Ning)

My husband and kids supported me, esp. the older son, who was invited to present as a 10 year old non-native English speaker, a young youtuber who shared his vision and insight about "Minecraft" in education. He shared his insight on how he learned English, video editing and even presenting through games and youtube tutorials. It was nice to see messages from participants and educators saying that we can even learn from the kids. So true!

There were many interesting presentations for everyone. We could hear keynote speakers and presenters talking about humanity, students voice, bridging gaps with students, online projects, use of ICT in EFL class, poetry reading, rap singing, gamifications, flipping classrooms etc.

Just a small insight - find more screenshots Reform Symposium eConference Google+ website

Thank you Shelly! My pleasure!

It was very exciting, to be a part of it all, because as a Lifelong Learner it is hard to stay away from such wonderful events. As an organizer I am happy we cheered our presenters and participants with lovely badges and certificates made by Shelly and Peggy. 

Mine are here.

My #RSCON5 badges and certificate :)))

Hope I motivated you to listen to at least one of the recordings. Try to join us in future for new & interesting miniCONs. You can find the recordings of all the sessions here.

I will finish this post with the official #RSCON5 team song by @tastenspilerr ft. TamaraS.


  1. First of all Thanks Marijana,,,, and second all wonderful team Done your work fantastic education industry.


    1. Thank you for your comments and kind words Hazal :)