August 7, 2014

Are You Ready to Be Wowed #iTDiMOOC?

Challenges are tests. Either you pass them and celebrate moving one step ahead or just surrender and stay still in your place. Since I opened my door to the online virtual world of wonders, my professional development as a teacher and my whole life have changed a lot. (Ayat Tawel, ELT teacher, iTDi Associate from Egypt)

I can only totally agree with the above quote written by my dear colleague Ayat Tawel. She has recently published a wonderful blog post for - on the topic of Challenges, Projects and Opportunities and this has reminded me of how I got started. To tell you the truth, Ayat's story and mine are very similar. We both started at TESOL EVO session Becoming a Webhead in 2011 and somehow we ended up doing so many online things: learning, sharing, meeting wonderful and committed educators worldwide because we are #PD fanatics, as I have been told!

This summer it is all about PD. There have been many great and inspirational free online events. And now, at the moment it is all about #iTDiMOOC, a free four week online course that is happening at WiziQ. It has gathered so many wonderful teachers who are willing to share their ideas with everyone.

I presented at the iTDiMOOC as well, together with my dear colleague and a friend Marcia Lima, about our mutual (still in progress) BRAZ+CRO project. Marcia has written a wonderful post about it which you can read here.

If you want to invest more into your own personal development than #iTDiMOOC is the place for you.

Join the movement and follow it on Twitter and Facebook as well.

 HAVE a happy learning and get your own personal badge :) 


  1. Dearest Marijana,
    It's a pleasure and super inspiring meeting you at the beginning of my online journey. You have always been active, supportive and a kind friend.
    Thank you for tagging me in your wow moment here in your blog post.
    Wishing you lots of success and to get higher and higher . Love ♥

  2. Thank you so much "Ayata" :). Our journey has been incredible and I am sure you will for sure get higher and higher!