February 13, 2011

LOL - Google translator

If you have time try the Google translator on my blog and have fun.

It's so funny and to read the posts in my mother tongue Croatian.
But it can really come in handy sometimes. I bet it's interesting in other languages too.

Also check this video- translating into seven different languages at the same time!!!
I didn't know that is possible by only one person! LOL!


  1. Oh, this is really funny! and with the Google translator the same - it can sometimes give you the options you'd never thought of. It even translates names!! My son was once playing with the Croatian translation of a letter I received from a friend whose name is Rosemary - so it was nice to see the name became Ruzmarin!:)

  2. LOL Nadia, yes it is so funny! Thank you for your comments! :)